Charting Your Path to the U.S. Market: Essential First Steps

A best-in-class Soft Landing program in Atlanta helping companies assess and de-risk their way into the U.S. Market

Soft Landing Goal

The Georgia Tech Soft Landing program will help you and your business prepare to expand into the U.S. — a market rich with opportunities — and learn to navigate its challenges.


The United States has a unique business culture, characterized by its fast-paced deal making, mature ecosystems, high risk tolerance, global talent pool, and abundance of investment capital. These factors help entrepreneurs and business owners flourish in a growth- and innovation-driven culture.


Despite the ease of doing business, it is not always clear how to establish operations, navigate regulations, and adapt to local business practices. Additionally, each state has unique regulations and taxation policies, making it complicated for a foreign company to select the best point of entry. Without the proper guidance the endeavor can be risky and costly.

Georgia Tech Soft Landing program will:

Provide a clear picture of critical decisions necessary to enter the United States market. Equip you with a discovery process focused on getting in front of potential customers and partners to learn fast from your market. Connect you with service providers who will ensure smooth legal, financial, and immigration operations. Wrap up with a full week of intensive training and relationship building in Atlanta.